Best of Year D&AD Student Awards 2012
Typographic Confessions
Best of Year D&AD Student Awards

There are numerous publications, blogs and websites dedicated to sharing and discussing the field of graphic design. In almost all cases, these forms of communication are used as a celebration of the success of exceptional work. Typographic Confessions strives to remove some of the hype and sensationalism surrounding this work in order to achieve a more honest and subsequently better understanding of the work. This is achieved by providing information that we would not normally receive. This information is delivered through confessions made by prominent members in the field regarding both their work and the industry in general.

Top Left: Angus Hyland Cover
Lower Left: Stefan Sagmeister Cover
Right: Jonathan Barnbrook Cover

176.6 x 244.5 mm The supplement is designed to match the format of an oversized bible.

The typographic dagger is used on the cover to allude to the religious connotations associated with the act of confessing. It is also used in the conventional typographic sense, indicating that there is additional information to follow. In each case the dagger changes according to the favourite typeface of the person that the issue is featuring.

Top: Jonathan Barnbrook - Perpetua
Lower Left: Stefan Sagmeister - Gotham
Lower Right: Angus Hyland - Garamond

The issues are bound in such a way that the confessions are hidden on internal pages to give the sense of secrecy and importance.

Top: Detail of binding
Lower Left: Cover detail showing title
Lower Right: Cover detail showing title when the top page is pressed down.

In keeping with the act of confessing, the person being featured is granted anonymity through the use of screens. This is done to illustrate that it is the thought that is important and not necessarily who is saying it.

Title pages for the three supplements and how they are hidden in the book.

Jonathan Barnbrook

Stefan Sagmeister

Angus Hyland


The issues are all designed in different typefaces that have been highlighted as a favourite by the person being featured.

Top Left: Jonathan Barnbrook discussing his reasons for designing typefaces
Lower Left: Angus Hyland discussing his work on the Happiness TM cover
Right: Stefan Sagmeister discussing the promotional material he produced for the New York School of Visual Arts