In Book D&AD New Blood Awards 2014
Purdey's - Perfect Balance
In Book D&AD New Blood Awards

Purdey's products are there for people looking to bring a natural balance into their lives and the packaging is designed to illustrate this idea. Purdey's Rejuvenate is there to give you a lift when you are feeling a bit rundown and Purdey's natural energy is there when you need that little bit extra to get the job done. No matter the situation there is a Purdey's to help bring a perfect balance to the scenario.

Extreme close-up of the Purdey's logo on the bottle.

The bottle is designed with the idea of balance at its core. The bottle's shape is derived from the unique apostrophe in Purdey's name in order to create a shape that is recognisable and will stand out on the shelf. Thickening glass at the base of the bottle means that the bottle will balance perfectly on its rounded bottom much like a rolling tumbler. This makes it an object that people will want to interact with.
The markings on the bottle serve as more than just decoration. The design and composition is based purely on the movement of the liquid inside it. Lines can be used as a marker to determine the angle the bottle is tilted at. The logo is designed and positioned in such a way that it also corresponds to the liquid inside the bottle.

Front design of Purdey's Rejuvenate and Natural Energy.

While both bottles feature tinting that give them their unique gradient, Purdey's Rejuvenate achieves its amber colour from the glass it is manufactured from. Amber glass was selected due to the delicate nature of Purdey's Rejuvenate. The amber glass will protect the sensitive liquid in the same way reagent bottles do in a science laboratory.

Back design of Purdey's Rejuvenate and Natural Energy.

As the bottle is tilted, the lines that wrap around the bottle can be used to determine the current angle. For example, this bottle is currently at 70 degrees. No matter how the bottle is rotated around its core, the liquid will always touch that line when the bottle is at 70 degrees to the ground.

Purdey's Natural Energy tilted at 70 degrees.

The lines on the bottle are not simply decoration, they are designed to look like ripples in a pool when viewed from the top. This is intended to further add to the notions of fluidity and balance found in design.

Top view of Purdey's Natural Energy.

Detail of logo interacting with liquid line at 90 degree tilt.

Upper Left: Detail of Purdey's Rejuvenate logo.
Upper Right: Detail of nutritional information on side of bottle.
Lower Left: Detail of degree markers found on side of bottle.
Lower Right: Detail of Purdey's Natural Energy logo.

Left: Diagrams used to calculate liquid movement.
Right: Liquid movements mapped onto bottle.