A Guide to Getting Lucky

2013/2014 prospectus campaign for the University of Hertfordshire's School of Creative Arts. The book draws its inspiration from the notion of luck. The reasoning behind this is that if you talk to most successful graduates about their success they will immediately tell you where they studied and how lucky they were to have been there. This is because selecting the right place to study is the first important decision a young person will make that has the potential to determine the rest of their career. This is not to say that studying at a specific institution will make you more lucky but rather that a good one will provide you with all the right opportunities to get lucky. On a more superficial level the title of the book was selected because of the implied innuendo it possesses and how this was ideally suited for the young teenage audience the book would be addressing.

Left: Front Cover
Top Right: Back Covert
Lower Right: Cover Detail

The visual inspiration for the book was found in materials associated with funfairs and games of chance such as playing cards.

Left: Title Page
Top Right: Contents Page
Lower Right: Introduction Page

The language used in the book continues the connection to funfairs and amusement parks by using appropriate phrases that would normally be seen in conjunction with the games at such events.

Left: Divider Page for Prize Section
Top Right: Divider Page for Facilities Section
Lower Right: Divider Page for Interview Day Advice

Various Example Spreads

Since the book was designed in a red blue duotone a full colour gallery section was inserted in the centre of the book to show student work. This section was printed on a glossy photographic stock that contrasted with the stock found in the rest of the book. The idea behind the two stocks was to resemble cheaper publications normally associated with travelling fairs.

Left: Divider Page for Gallery Section
Top & lower Right: Example Gallery Spreads

Additional promotional materials continued to play on words with the T-Shirt also possessing the innuendo found in the title of the prospectus.

Left: T-shirt
Right: Bag

Left: T-shirt Detail
Top Right: Bag Detail
Lower Right: T-shirt Back Detail

Stand design for the UCAS fairs in London and Manchester