Shortlisted Best Recruitment Literature - RAD Awards (2014)
Take The Law Into Your Own Hands - Pinsent Masons
Shortlisted Best Recruitment Literature - RAD Awards (2014)

Pinsent Masons wanted a campaign that emphasised the fact their trainee solicitors are given a great deal of say about their training contract and the direction it takes, from the seats they choose, to the locations they fulfil them at. Pinsent Masons encourages their trainee solicitors to speak up and be heard because these are precisely the type of applicant they want.Take The Law Into Your Own Hands was a campaign title that reflected these sentiments as well as one which would have stand-out appeal in a sector dominated by generic campaign titles.

Left: Brochure cover
Right: Brochure spine detail

The brochure was designed to enable the user to take control of it and create a bespoke document that became uniquely theirs; representative of their application and no-one else's. Potential applicants were provided with a document they could easily edit, annotate and mark-up to reflect the content they wanted to read. The brochure was designed to allow the reader to make notes anywhere they felt fit. This is achieved through the inclusion of faint horizontal lines and white space, more reminiscent of a school notebook, which all design elements and typography adhere to. Type weight was carefully considered to match the thickness of a standard highlighter tip. This allows readers to mark up the document easily and neatly. Paragraphs were individually numbered to ensure easy note referencing. They were also included as a gentle nod to legal documentation.

Left: Title page
Upper Right: Example of hand written notes
Lower Right: Example of highlighted text

To ensure candidates had the ability to edit the document themselves and determine what they saw as important the information was presented in a concise and up-front manner. This was achieved through the use of section titles that left no room for ambiguity; indexing for ease of navigation; prominent section pages which provided accurate introductions to their contents and convenient summaries at the end of each section.

Left: Contents page
Upper Right: Typographic detail
Upper Right: Section summary detail
Lower Right: Section page detail

Example brochure spreads

The web experience expands on the information provided by the brochure to give a more complete perspective of the firm. The Take The Law Into Your Own Hands concept is also expanded upon. This is achieved on the Landing Page by giving users the chance to choose which location and program they are interested in. Once they have made their selection, the site will only display content relevant to their choice.

Microsite Landing Page

Left: Microsite Landing Page
Right: Selection tab detail

The viewer is then taken to a Home Page customised with information specific to the choice they have made. This is presented in a grid-based tile system, with each tile, article or sub-page relevant to what the viewer would expect to read based on their initial choice. The tiles are arranged, sorted and displayed in order of importance and relevance to the viewer. The initial selection on the Landing Page can be altered at any time through the 'sticky' menu present throughout the site. Once a new selection is made, the tiles change and reorder to reflect their new preferences.

Left: Microsite Home Page
Upper Right: Sticky menu detail
Lower Right: Mega menu

Content is kept current on the site through the integration of all Pinsent Masons' office and graduate Twitter feeds as well as blogs written by their employees. In addition, potential candidates are given an up-to-date list of events which they might be interested in attending through the 'Latest Event' tile on the Home Page, as well as a comprehensive events page, which lists all upcoming events Pinsent Masons are running or attending. As with the rest of the site and the principle of the user taking control, the events page can be filtered by the user to ensure they only see events relevant to them. This ensures all potential applicants have an up-to-date view of what is happening at the firm.

Left: Events page
Upper Right: Twitter tile detail
Lower Right: Example secondary pages