The Inner Self - Anima & Atman

Anima & Atman is a recruitment and development consultancy that aims to enable organisations to unlock the full potential of their emerging talent. Anima & Atman requested a sophisticated, clean and distinctive branding system that would appeal to their target audience of large employer organisations. Unlike other named firms, Anima & Atman derives its name from a conceptual place, with 'anima' being the psychological term for the inner personality and 'atman' being the Hindu and Buddhist term for the real self. This core message of offering a service that helps clients go beyond the superficial, in order to understand an underlying or inner truth, was translated into the final logo.

Anima & Atman logo

Left: Business cards
Right: Letterhead

A key requirement of the brief was to develop a sophisticated brand that could be used in a consistent way by Anima & Atman without the need for specialised design knowledge or software. This was achieved through extensive templating and guidlining that included templates for Microsoft Word, Pages, PowerPoint, Keynote and HTML e-mail.

HTML e-mail

Left: Microsoft Word document
Right: Guidelines

A suite of imagery that adhered to the concept of the inner or underlying was also developed. This included shots of tree rings, water ripples and moss growing on rocks.

Left: Corporate Twitter page
Right: Example imagery