Here. You Can - Grant Thornton

Focus groups and interviews were conducted with Grant Thornton employees in order to develop an accurate and true experienced hire campaign for Grant Thornton. It was established that employees saw Grant Thornton existing in a 'category of one' that sat between the first and second tier accounting and consulting firms. This meant that employees had access to all the clients they would have at a first tier firm, but with the added bonus of more responsibility and autonomy. From this the campaign Here. You Can was developed.

Left: Experienced hire micro site Home Page
Right: Here. You Can branding examples

The Home Page featured fly on the wall photography and film to convey the working life at Grant Thornton.

Left: Mega menu
Right: Stills from the Home Page film

Five employee stories, conveying a unique benefit of working at Grant Thornton, were selected and brought to life using still-life photography and first-person narratives. Each of these stories had a short animation that revealed their benefit on the Home Page.

Stills from the Home Page animations

Here. You can widen your opportunities, an example secondary story page

Still-life photographs containing visual cues from accompanying employee stories were planed and shot in a studio environment. Each contained the title of the Here. You Can benefit that the story conveyed.

Example story photography

In addition to the story pages, the site also hosted more corporate pages that discussed the benefit of working at Grant Thornton. In addition to this, the corporate and selected employees' social media feeds were integrated into the site to give a more up to date account of the stories unfolding at Grant Thornton.

Example pages