Google Simplicity

Google is simple, straightforward and sophisticated with functionality lying at its core - for this reason the packaging is designed to suit these characteristics.
If the purpose of the packaging is to convey the function of the products then it should be done in the simplest possible manner. This is why the packaging range has no fancy or confusing gimmicks. Instead the solution for the packaging is copy lead, focusing on simple explanations for the products and their functions. In each case the explanation for the product ends in a word that both describes the product and rhymes with the word simplicity.

A system of colour coding has been implemented to distinguish between the different product ranges to ensure that it is easy to see which family they fall into.

Left: Front View of Google Search Packaging
Top Right: Front View of Google Earth Packaging
Lower Right: Front View of Google+ Packaging

90 mm x 90 mm x 100 mm

Side view of Google packaging displaying the positioning of the product information that allows the viewer to see everything in the most simple and straightforward way without the hassle of having to turn the box around.

Left: Side View of Google Search Packaging
Top Right: Side View of Google Earth Packaging
Lower Right: Side View of Google+ Packaging

Google Web

Left: Google Search Packaging
Middle: Google Chrome Packaging
Right: Google Toolbar Packaging

Google Home & Office

Top Left: Google Docs Packaging
Top Middle: Google Gmail Packaging
Top Right: Google Calender Packaging
Lower Right: Google Translate Packaging

Google Media

Top Left: You Tube Packaging
Top Middle: Google Books Packaging
Top Right: Google News Packaging
Lower Right: Google Picasa Packaging

Google Geo

Top Left: Google Offers Packaging
Top Middle: Google Latitude Packaging
Top Right: Google Maps Packaging
Lower Left: Google Earth Packaging
Lower Right: Google Panoramio Packaging

Google Social

Right: Google+ Packaging
Middle: Blogger Packaging
Right: Google Reader Packaging