There's Always a Bigger Dog - Degree Show Branding

Booklet designed as part of the degree show branding for the BA(Hons) Graphic Design Class of 2012. The booklet was designed as a tongue in cheek response to the previous years book entitled Dog Eat Dog. The title There's Always a Bigger Dog served to put this year group out there as bigger and better than those that had come before. I personally have never been a believer in the every man for themselves mentality put forward by the previous years book. I believe that it is important to remember that there will always be someone with more experience or knowledge than you. It is more practical to learn from these individuals than to treat them as rivals. This outlook extended into the production of the book as it gave me the opportunity to collaborate with five other talented designers and friends.

Book Cover

Left: Book in Wraparound Poster
Top Right: Wraparound Poster Detail
Lower Right: Wraparound Poster Detail

Front and Back Cover in Wraparound Poster

Poster Working as a Dust Jacket

Left: Front Cover Detail
Top Right: Front Cover Detail
Lower Right: Back Cover Detail

Example Spreads

Page Detail

Page Details

Left: Poster Front Side
Right: Poster Reverse Side

Poster Detail